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The Effect of Age, Income, Sex, Residential status and Ethnicity on the Prevalence of Kidney Stones in the Patients Visiting Nishtar Hospital Multan
F. Muschler, K. Poustka, D. Frank
50USD (Purchase)
Ecosystem engineering effects of cushion plants in the northern margin of the Tibetan Plateau
C. Matthews, A. Amato
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Job Folding Based Batch Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment
L. Venniro,S. Maniaci, T. Zatu
50USD (Purchase)
WSS: Permutation of HTTPi and HTTPs in web services against attacks
S. Choudhry , C. Halchuk
50USD (Purchase)
Evaluation of adaptability and nutritional quality of 54 tomato accessions grown in Oman
T. Blasingame, A. Padovan
50USD (Purchase)
A note on generalization of classical Jensen
K. Hasday,X. Jong, E. Keiver
50USD (Purchase)
Evaluating the Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Universities and Higher Education Institutes from Managers
W. Spear,O. Priya, R. Witzmann
50USD (Purchase)
Investigation of plants purification capability of Cu and Pb on two cultivars of vetch plants ( Vigna Radiata) in contaminated soils
D. Wand, D. Turecki, A. Chandler
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