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Ethical standards for publication exist to ensure high-quality scientific publications, public trust in scientific findings, and that people receive credit for their ideas.

All the articles submitted for publication in Arena of Sciences are peer reviewed for authenticity, ethical issues and usefulness. Decision of the reviewers shall be final. Authors are solely responsible for originality of the published work.

How to cooperate with us?

If you are an English traslator, editor or if you can make the layouts base upon the clients requests properly, and you would like to cooperate with us, you can email us to:
Please note that the clients would only pay you after you delivered your work completely and the client is satisfied.

Publication charge

The payment link/url below is related to the authors of accepted papers who would like to pay their publication fees. (please note that after you make the payment, your paper will be passed to the editors for final editions (the edition fee is also included in your invoice). after that your paper will appear on the archive page. One copy of your final published paper will be emailed to you free of charge.

Publication fee for an accepted article with our editorial edition: $400.00 (1)

Edition prices: (Additional fee which will be added to the amount
above)(this is included in the invoice sent to you)

Once you have written your paper, a developmental editor is important. Many authors think they do not need an editor. Everyone needs at least some type of editor. Not having an editor is like not having a software product or not testing a drug before it goes out into the marketplace. An editor will evaluate and critique your manuscript, suggest and provide revisions, and shape it into a smooth, workable piece. They'll look at the big picture and make sure everything flows and is consistent.

$45-65/hour based on the experience of the editor.
40 pages /5 pages per hour = 8 hours
Low end is 8 x $45 = $360
High end is = $520
For a fast, free quote, or if you have any questions, just send an email to Customer Support (

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